March Mayhem

I have a headache today and my cat is being super cute trying to cheer me up, so I thought I’d share a story about her.

Last year at this time, my life was in shambles…literally! It all started on St. Patrick’s Day. The husband and I went to the parade with the family as usual. We came home after the parade because I had work to do. Oh, the joys of academia. I was sitting at the coffee table with my work spread out around me when I noticed Ewok, my cat, wasn’t with me. When I am home she is constantly under foot or sitting with me, so it was unusual to not have her by my side. I got up to look for her. She was in the bedroom staring at a large pool of green liquid.

OMG!! There was green goop pouring in from the light fixture on the ceiling of our walk in closet! It had already flooded out of the closet into the bedroom! Ahhhh, my clothes!! I’m so thankful Ewok got up to investigate. Who knows who long it would have taken me to notice otherwise. Thank you Ewok!

Our bedroom carpet and the walk-in were wrecked. At least my clothes survived. All the furniture and clothes had to come out of the bedroom to replace the carpet and fix the closet. Now, we live in a 1.5 apartment. Where is all this stuff going to go?! There was only one choice…the living area. Our sofa and chairs and kitchen table were covered in piles of clothes. The dresser was standing on it’s end in the middle of the room with the drawers (also full of clothes) all out on the floor. We could barely move around the apartment. It was awful for us, but not for Ewok. She was in heaven! Piles of clothes to cover with her fuzz and new places to hide. What more could the fluffy little nut want? She adopted the turned over dresser as her new bed which we referred to as her kitty apartment. So at least she got some thing out of it.

Great green gobs of gook! Happy St. Patrick’s Day indeed.

Ewok’s Kitty Apartment (Our over-turned dresser)
The kitty apartment is good for stretching and contortions too.

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