Self-Esteem Challenge: Day 13

SEC day 13

This blog challenge was developed by If you missed the introduction or want to see a summary of all the questions, go here.

Day 13:
What do you think of your smile?
Share about the last time you felt confident in yourself. Why did you feel that confident?

My smile is….just a smile. I don’t really think about it to be honest. I had horribly crooked teeth when I was younger. I had braces to correct that, but I was never self-conscious about my crooked teeth. I probably would be if they were still like that today, but at 12, it just wasn’t something I thought about.

I feel most confident in myself after having accomplished something. So the last time would have to be….comps I guess. I talked about that yesterday. Why did I feel confident? Because my worth as a Ph.D. candidate was validated by four experts. I felt that I did a good job and they said I did a good job. It’s rare that both happen. Usually I get no feedback or I’m told I did a good job, but I see all the flaws and how it should have been better. So I guess my worth isn’t entirely based on other people’s opinion of me. I have to feel I’ve done well too. I think I might be a harsher critic though…


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