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My Guest Post on Bipolar Unemployed and Lost

Bipolar, Unemployed & Lost

So, you have a Mental Illness?…Which One?
Major Depressive Disorder (MDD) with secondary diagnoses of borderline personality (BPD) and obsessive personality disorders (OPD)

When you were diagnosed, what age where you? Where were you in your life?
Diagnosed with MDD at 21 by GP. I was in my last year of undergrad. Found out the BPD and OPD diagnoses a few months ago by going through the chart my psychiatrist keeps on me. I don’t know why he didn’t tell me. Right now, 29 and halfway through my Ph.D.

How do you cope/relax from your mental illness?
Blogging, drawing, journaling, medicating, sleeping and totally freaking out.

What are 3 words that you would describe how your illness makes you feel?
inadequate, exhausted, hopeless

If you could talk to world leaders about mental illness, what would be the one thing you discuss?
Funding and availability of mental health services. Wait times…

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