A to Z Reflections

survivor-atoz [2014] A-to-Z Reflection [2014]

I survived! It’s a bittersweet end. It was a lot of fun, but wow, posting every day is hard! My goal was to have a post and a drawing for each day. I started off with lots of ideas for my mental health theme but started running out of steam towards the end. X, Y and Z were brutal, but I came up with something and linked it to mental health…sort of, lol. 🙂 I think I’m going to miss having the prompts in the end. What am I going to post now? lol.

It was a last minute decision to join the challenge, but I am so glad I did. Overall, it was a great experience. The best part? Meeting new people and discovering new blogs to follow. I think I’ve met a few kindred spirits and look forward to having some real friendships develop. Thank you to everyone organizing this event, brilliant idea! I also want to thank everyone who stopped by to read any of my posts and especially those that commented! I really enjoy getting to know you through your comments.

Here’s a recap of A to Z in case there was one you missed. Looking forward to next year!

A is for Antidepressants
B is for Blog for Mental Health 2014 Pledge
C is for Cognitive
D is for Depressed of Dehydrated?
E is for Emotional Regulation
F is for The F word (Feelings, in case you were wondering, lol.)
G is for Giving
H is for Horrid Headaches
I is for Insomnia
J is for Juggling
K is for Kata
L is for Love
M is for The Monster in my Head
N is for Natural Remedies for Depression
O is for Overwhelmed
P is for Plasticity
Q is for Quotes
R is for Recent Research
S is for Self
T is for Talk Therapy
U is for Underrated Awesomeness
V is for Visceral Voices
W is for Worth
X is for Xenoestrogens
Y is for Yonderly
Z is for Zentangles

The First week of A-Z

Phew! I’m glad it’s the weekend. Last week was a busy one! I spent a lot of time running around trying to fix mistakes. At first, I thought they were my mistakes, but it turns out they weren’t. I did everything I was supposed to, I just doubted myself too much to call other people out on their mistakes. I should have more confidence in myself, it would save me a lot of extra work. I worked from home some this week too. I’ve had a lot of writing to do. I’m working on a grant proposal and an article on sleep. Grant writing is agony, but the article is kind of fun. Not as much fun as the A to Z Blogging Challenge has been so far though!

It was kind of a last minute decision to join, but I’m glad I did. I have met some fantastic new people! I’ve got a bunch of new follows. *Waves Hello* Some of them have commented everyday! I really appreciate getting to know you through your comments. I share interests with some followers too. I’ve met artists, writers, cat owners, fellow grad students, mental health sufferers and advocates and people who appreciate the same things I do. I’ve got some silent followers as well…..I appreciate you guys too!

Through comments on my blog and the A to Z participant list I have found all sorts of new blogs to follow too. The list is huge! There are over 2000 blogs on there! It’s kind of overwhelming when you start scrolling through it. I started by searching with the command F function on my Mac. I searched using words of things I like. For example “cup”, that led me to find all the blogs that had cupcakes, cup of coffee or teacups in their titles. I also searched using mental health terms, drawing terms and cats.

I have been having a lot of fun coming up with something for each letter and researching the topic a bit. I’ve learned a lot. So far, A to E has been easy, I’ve had multiple ideas for each letter, it has even been hard to decide on just one! I’m a little worried about the end of the alphabet though, it just gets harder the further you go. J and K are next week, eek! I know a lot of the medications start with weird letters, so I could always use those. I haven’t had any experience with a lot of them though. I could research them for you, but you could also just look on Wikipedia. I don’t know, what do you think? Is it more interesting when there is an opinion or some personal experience in with a post?




I know, what does this have to do with anything? Nothing, but I mentioned cats once in this post, so here’s a doodle! 🙂

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