Stepping out of the comfort zone

First blog post. What to write? Of course, I googled this. Most articles suggested that I introduce myself, explain why I am blogging and what I will be blogging about. Obvious, right? The scientist in me likes to have a procedure to go by.

So, I’m a scientist, currently working on my Ph.D. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I wonder what I was thinking when I started. I suppose that’s normal though. I am blogging because I thought it might be good for me….sort of like an inexpensive form of talk therapy. I have depression. Sometimes I gracefully hide it and sometimes I crash and burn. I’m medicated, I’ve tried various forms of psychotherapy and I think I’ve come to the conclusion that this isn’t going to go away. I need to learn to manage it and live with it everyday. I’m not the only one though. I find comfort in being able to relate to people going through the same thing. Maybe sharing my experiences with depression will help me get through it and maybe someone else will find comfort in being able to relate to me. That’s the idea anyway.

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