Self-esteem Challenge: Day 28

This blog challenge was developed by If you missed the introduction or want to see a summary of all the questions, go here.pastel rose

Day 28:
Do you feel good about yourself today? Why or why not?
What do you consider to be healthy self esteem? Does this match the dictionary definition of healthy self esteem?

I don’t know how I feel today. I’m trying to ignore myself. You can imagine how well that is going. Today, I am in New York City. Hubby and I are staying with his sister at her boyfriend’s place in Queens. It’s a very small basement apartment that the four of us are crammed into for a week. I’m a little anxious about it because I need down time in order to be social and be out and about all the time and I’m afraid I’m never going to get a break in such small quarters. It’s also my sister-in-law’s birthday today, so I’m trying to make sure she is having a good day and we’re doing the things she wants to do.

I think of self-esteem as the picture we hold of ourselves including our strengths and limitations. This picture and how we feel about it affects how we interact with others, the choices we make and what we think we can achieve in life. So healthy self-esteem would be a realistic picture of yourself which would allow you to interact respectfully with other people, make choices to better yourself and others and work towards goals that are difficult but not impossible. “Healthy self-esteem” isn’t really in the dictionary, so I think this is as good a definition as any. It’s tricky to define because it all depends on your perception of one word…”realistic”. What I interpret as realistic could be very different from what someone else in a different family, different culture or different part of the world interprets.

What do you think?


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