A Very Lego Summer

My husband has rediscovered his love for Lego. This started long before The Lego Movie. It began the Christmas before last. For some reason hubby and his sister got out all their old Lego sets and built them. They were mostly castle sets from the 80s and 90s, nothing as elaborate as what is available today.

This past Christmas, hubby got a Star Wars Lego advent calendar. This resulted in several Star Wars minifigures and ships. Shortly after that, the local mall opened an official Lego Store. Hubby couldn’t resist the pick-a-brick section where you get to fill a cup with all the different types of Lego bricks you want. He decided to build an iPhone dock with his Star Wars Lego and the pick-a-brick stuff. I thought it was a great idea. Something practical made out of Lego was fine with me…much better than Lego sets sitting around taking up space we don’t have. So the Star Wars iPhone dock was made. It is quite impressive. It can light up and the wheel on the back spins. The part that holds the iPhone even swivels so the phone can be held in different positions.

I think it was the Lego Movie that inspired him to start creating a Lego city. I was not thrilled because we live in a 1 1/2 apartment. There is no room for a Lego city!! He persuaded me by saying he would disassemble the sets he bought until we got a house with a “man cave”. He also built Lego minifigures of he and myself. I thought that was kind of cute. They kind of look like us.

2014-06-30 09.04.54

The first set he bought was the pet shop. It’s a really clever set. It’s pet shop with an apartment above and a town house next door. The detail is impressive, nothing like the simple Lego sets I used to play with. The pet shop came with animals, including a little orange cat. We were hoping the cat would look more like a Lego Ewok. He says he might paint it white.

Hubby got a Lego gift certificate for his birthday. That resulted in a Lego A-frame house.

No Lego city of hubby’s would be complete without a Lego Tim Hortons. Tim Hortons is the coffee/donut staple in Canada. Since Lego is not a Canadian company (it’s from Denmark), there are no Tim Hortons sets….but, there is an online Lego designer! Hubby has spent hours on this Lego designer since his summer vacation started designing his own Lego Tim Hortons. I’m amazed at how well it turned out and how much it actually looks like Tim Hortons. Unfortunately, once it was built, he calculated the price to order all the pieces and it was over $500. Not happening! So now he’s back to redesigning a less expensive Tim Hortons.

It’s shaping up to be a very Lego summer over here.

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