It’s Kind of a Funny Story

I’m not talking about the book or the movie, although both are quite good. I’m talking about how I met my husband. I’m telling this story in honor of us knowing each other for ten years and our first wedding anniversary both being this month.

We met June 12th, 2004. No I didn’t remember this off hand, I had to look it up. We met at a camp training session for a summer camp we were both working at that summer. I was almost 19 and he was almost 22. It was my first summer working at this camp. The property is huge! It’s big and has the diversity of activities like a sleep-away camp does, but it’s a day camp for the most part. When I got to the parking lot on the camp property, there was no crowd of people telling me where to go. The only person around was the guy who drove in ahead of me. I thought, excellent, I can just follow this guy to where ever it is we are supposed to meet. He never got out of the car though! I guess he wanted to wait in his car listening to his music until the training got started. I decided to ask him where to go, so I nervously got out of my car. I walked over to his car willing myself not to trip and fall and knocked on his window. I don’t think it was love at first sight, how can you love someone you’ve never met before? But, it was definitely something at first sight. We introduced ourselves and I promptly forgot his name because I was so nervous talking to him. After chatting for a bit he walked me over to where the training was supposed to start. Things just took off from there!

The funny part? My mom picked him out!! I’ll explain, but it’s a little embarrassing. I didn’t have much experience driving on the highway, so I was very anxious about driving out to the country on the highway alone for the first time. This was before my diagnosis with depression and anxiety. I didn’t really understand why I was so upset. I kept telling myself to just do it and getting angry for not being able to. Thankfully, my Mom and Dad are awesome. It was a Saturday, so they decided to go to a fair in the same area as the camp. They followed me to camp in their car, this was enough to relieve my anxiety.

I missed the entrance to the camp grounds, but my folks who were following behind me saw it and stopped. As I was turning around to come back another car went by my folks into the camp. My mom called to say the guy in the car that just went in was really cute. She suggested that I go out with him (despite knowing I was still with my high school boyfriend at the time).

Thanks for the suggestion Mom, you picked a good one!

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