If We Were Having Coffee….

If we were having coffee, this week, I would be having tea and it would probably be at home. I haven’t had any coffee in almost a week. I miss it so much, but I don’t think I’m ready for it yet. I’ve been plagued by the stomach flu (I think) this week. 😦 I’ve been feeling awful for so long that I’m pretty sure it’s not contagious. Would you have tea this week with me instead?

If we were having coffee tea, I’d probably be having something of the green or peppermint variety. I hear those are good for your stomach. I would pass on any of the goodies that typically accompany tea. I’d recommend birthday cake tea for you. It’s my favourite. It tastes like freshly baked vanilla cake and the tea even has rainbow sprinkles in it. I can’t help but smile every time I fill the tea ball. I’d also offer you a scone. We get them from a bakery in Ottawa, The Scone Witch. They are scrumptious! I have a variety of their sweet ones; lemon poppy seed, orange cranberry, vanilla and oatmeal. Take your pick!

Scone Witch batch

If we were having tea, I’d ask how you week went and how you were feeling. I’m hoping to hear that you, unlike me, have avoided the stomach bug that I’ve heard has been going around. I’ve been unwell since Monday. I attempted to have a somewhat normal meal last night. It was a mistake. Although I haven’t been sick yet, I feel a lot worse! As a result of this bug, a lot of things have gotten messed up. I had a pretty long To-Do list for this past week and nothing got done. It all has to be jammed into the beginning of next week before I leave for Toronto on Thursday. My sleep is all out of whack too. Not that my sleep patterns are ever that good, but I haven’t been using my happy light and I’ve been napping a lot. What else can you do when you feel so unwell? Even worse, my medication is all messed up. I wasn’t able to keep it down most of the week. Now, I am in a state of semi-withdrawal. I’m on antidepressants, a SNRI with an atypical. SNRI withdrawal can get pretty bad for me. I know I am in withdrawal and that’s why I am overly emotional, irrational and feeling like a worthless human being, but that logic is bringing little comfort. I still feel the way I feel, whether it makes sense or not.

monster shadow

If we were having tea, I’d show you my art journal. Since we’re here (my home) this week, it’s probably sitting right in front of you on the coffee table anyway. I haven’t done any of the prompts for this week (#4). I just haven’t been well enough. The prompts for week#5 are already out. I hope I’ll find the time to catch up. I’d also ask about your artistic endeavors. Drawing? Collage? Music? Verses? Fiction? There are a few people in my family with artistic talents, but few of my friends or colleagues have any interest. My coworkers were pretty much shell-shocked to find me drawing in my sketchbook one day. It’s funny the parts of ourselves we elect to share with certain groups of people. I never really though about it before. I’m all about my doodles and what not here. To them, I’m a research scientist with a background in genomics. Now, you’re thinking “g-what?!!?” Yea, that’s what I mean. Don’t worry, I wont get into it.

If we were having tea, I’d tell you that the Blog for Mental Health Project has relaunched. I plan to pledge again this year, but I’m not sure about what to say yet. I did start blogging with the thought that it might help with my mental health. My head is just in such a different place from where it was at this time last year.

If we were having tea, I’d also mention that the A to Z Blogging Challenge is gearing up too. You write a post every weekday in April starting with a letter of the alphabet (going in alphabetical order of course). Some people have a theme to their posts, other talk about whatever they feel like. Last year, I stuck to a mental health theme. I shared some of the research I read about and some personal experiences. I’m debating if I should do that again, with new material, or if I should pick random things for each letter. What do you think?

If we were having tea, I’d probably let you get back to life about now. I’ve sure babbled on for someone who hasn’t done anything all week. I hope you’ve enjoyed your tea and scones. See you net week for coffee!! Hopefully coffee.

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