O is for Overwhelmed

I’m overwhelmed. I think a lot of people are. Most of us aren’t taking on any extraordinary tasks, we’re just trying to juggle all of our responsibilities. I get overwhelmed when I think of the future. I’m going to have to manage all I’m managing now, plus a real job instead of grad school, kids maybe and an entire house some day. Nevermind all the things I want to do with my life that I haven’t even started yet. The thought of adding more to the mix makes me very anxious and knowing that I can’t handle a normal life makes me depressed. I’m sorry folks, I have no wisdom to offer you on this one. What I do have is silliness in the form of cartoons and a rhyme. It’s easier to get through things when you can laugh at yourself.

I want to be everythingenergizer

to all those in my life.

I’m afraid of failure.

It gives me much strife.

I’m a daughter, a wife,

I’m a sister and friend.

Ph.D. candidate.

Expectation without end.

I live in Quebec.

French I cannot speak.

I should really learn it,

but having time looks bleak.

I have an apartment.

I should cook and clean more.

I’m often too tired,

it’s too much of a chore.

I am a cat owner2014-03-20 08.55.00

Mum to a fur baby.

I feed her and pet her

and she loves me, maybe.

I am a cake addict.

Have to watch what I eat.

I always feel guilty

when I crave something sweet.

I want to be pretty.

I should workout, be fit.

I try, but get nothing.sweet tooth

Must keep at it, can’t quit.

Scientific research.

Must be a team player.

But also make my mark,

oppose the nay-sayer.

I’m to manage the lab.

Keep in working order.

A student still learning,

there’s so much disorder.

I am shy, I am quiet.

I’m a nervous presenter.

To set the example,

supposed to be a mentor.

I’m at the hospital.

I do volunteer.

Got to make time for it,

need to get into gear.

Miss my creative mind,

into art, like to draw.

As a perfectionist,

must be best, show no flaw.

I have anxiety

and I have depression.

Need to work on myself,

make a good impression.

I’m irreplaceable,

at least I aim to be.

I feel I’m a failure,

any could replace me.

I want to do lots more,

but seems to be too much.

I want to be successful,

but don’t have the right touch.


Should be handling it all.

Everyone can do it,

but I hit a brick wall.

I’m overwhelmed

Expect too much of me

I do it to myself.

Moderation is key.


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